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     it took every ounce of her being to level her head and
                         remain decent throughout the rest of the conversation.
                         she calmed her heart and straightened her back. lashing
                         out verbally a childish reaction, but she wasn’t familiar with
                         the feeling of being so openly opposed. 

                         deidre took a step back and turned her back to him.
                         how many times had she heard that? hold a land via fear?
                         several had done it before and as of now it’d been working.
                         she had the power to crush any form of resistance but there
                         was always the issue if things would go wrong. plans
                         always went wrong at some point. she needed more power.

                         they hate me. they don’t respect me. a queen could certainly
                         live with that thought. but she couldn’t continue on as
                         a queen if she was without absolute power. not when
                         she was sick either. there really was no other choice than
                         to listen to him. it was listen or die upon her throne in the midst
                         of chaos. 

                         when she turned to catch his eye once more her blue eyes
                         had lowered. there would be no contemplation of staying
                         ridiculously stubborn or hearing him out. she had no choice
                         if she looked at the big picture. something was bound to go
                         wrong in her reign. 


               ”I apologize for that outburst.”

                         apologizing was yet another punch thrown at her ego,
                         and she resisted rolling her eyes at how strange the 
                         words were coming from her mouth. 

                “You haven’t gone into detail what exactly you’re
                 offering. Go on, I’m listening.”

                  Manipulated, easily. He was partially surprised as to how quickly
                    she was defeated with nothing more than a few words, simple
                    truths and understandings one would have expected her to
                    know. It would be near impossible to be foolish enough to
                    not see what her behavior was creating, and what it would
                    create if she was to not alter the ways she ruled over the
                    realms in her possession — at least, when he was there
                    and telling her directly as to what would happen. However,
                    he wasn’t worried in the slightest, his previous words but
                    a moment ago having been clear in stating that he would
                    have no troubles in finding another monarch similar to her
                    in their thirst for power.

                          I can easily find another king or queen…
                                 but you will not find another me.

                  Keeping a steady gaze on her as she turned away and
                    soon turned back, Jugram would take the turn to step
                    forward himself and towards the woman, a hand being
                    raised and motioning in a wave to demand she move
                    aside, a blatant act of claiming superiority all while
                    denouncing her position as queen over him. Although,
                    rather than wait, he would proceed to simply move
                    around her and stop…. A curious display, as if
                    attempting to send the message that he was not
                    one to stand aside and wait for those that could
                    not act or react quickly; yet, at the same time, he
                    could just as easily form a command and it would
                    likely be followed, for she had no other choice.

                        Arrogant, perhaps, but the only method able
                          to quickly place a child back into their place.

                  Repeating her own actions of having turned away
                    and turned back, her words would be addressed.

                  ‘— had I not explained it enough when we first
                    conversed over this matter? With the assistance
                    of my own armies, of my King’s, I would be willing
                    to assist you in gaining whichever land it is you
                    would want, and without much of a price other than
                    that you provide us whatever it is we need from those
                    lands when they are needed.

                  The explanation was true to his intentions, yet it did leave
                    out a majority of details that would be particularly.. compromising
                    to her and her rule when the plan came to near its end. But, she
                    wouldn’t need to know those details — not yet, not ever. Despite
                    that, he knew she would begin to ask further questions if the
                    conversation were to linger on the topic, and he knew just the
                    way to shift it elsewhere.

                  ‘—… you never dealt with the kingdom responsible for your
                    father’s death, have you? There is a place to start your


    “They have disrespected me from the day I was born. They
                                 need to know their place amongst my knights and
                                 myself. In no way am I foolish, though I have been
                                 called arrogant one too many times.”

         the queen had already rose from her throne for she had no
         patience to sit and listen to his words. all he ever did was
         cause frustration for her and her men. she was, however, 
         willing to hear whatever he planned on saying after all of his
         remarks— but he was slowly driving her closer to doing something
         she would regret.

         deidre curled her fists into her gown and paced from one side of
         the room to the other. there had been the tiniest ball of rage at
         the pit of her stomach, and by this point it’d crawled its way to
         her head. her judgement was blinded, it always had been; she
         was a queen that ruled off of emotion. blind rage. to be spoken
         to like this? deidre couldn’t help but think he was trying to get 
         a rouse from her. 

         a queen on her own with not a male heir in sight had as much respect
         as a fleck of dust. that was how her reign had started; troubled
         with having a male representative speak in her stead. and
         now? deidre was a tyrant. she had gained fear, respect and loathing
         by conquering and destroying the territories that her father had been
         too kind to rid of. and now?

         my head on a pike next to my sister’s, hm?

         she lifted her gown and turned; she’d stopped pacing to direct
         her glare at him. she had to keep from yelling, seeing as her
         guards had been told to enter at any sign of conflict. it was 
         becoming increasingly difficult to not lash out at this point. with
         her chin held high she stormed closer to him. 


                            “Do you speak to every King this way or just a Queen?
                             —These vermin called people would not dare defy me. 
                             I want respect, even from you, and I don’t care how I
                             get it I will. Even if I have to cut you with your own sword;
                             you will give me the respect I deserve.”

                  ‘— only those that have not proven their worth to deserve being
                    called a king or queen, and by no means are you a queen as your
                    father was a king up until his death. Yet, even then, I speak the same
                    to those with the noblest and purest blood that are not my King, my
                    Lord, my God. The treatment you receive is no different than any
                    other, that I can assure you.

                  He didn’t flinch the slightest as she came closer, temper flaring as
                    she glared up at him and made her threats. There was nothing
                    the woman was able to do to him, be it because he was much
                    more skilled as a warrior compared to her, or because she needed
                    him to have what she wanted in the end. To listen to her ramble on
                    about as to how he was to give her respect, or how she would
                    cut and kill him with his own blade— it was laughable, to say the
                    the least, yet he wasn’t laughing. Rather, he was pitying her for
                    truly being so weak and helpless, unable to do nothing more than
                    lash out through words…. which was expected of someone that
                    dared to call themselves a ‘Queen’, when they truly were without

                  ‘— they need to know their place just as much as you need to know
                   yours. How is it that you expect to hold the amount of lands you seek
                   if you can do nothing more than turn the people against you, as they
                   hide and cower? You believe you have scared them into submission,
                   yet soon they’ll learn to not fear, and when they learn to not fear—

                               you and your sister’s head on pikes, as I said.

                  You wouldn’t be of any use to me dead, and you would not be of any
                    use to yourself dead, either. Reshape the way you think, or we will
                    no longer be working together to achieve what we want. I can easily
                    find another king or queen… but you will not find another me.

kuuaa: ship with moi. specifically royal!deidre but otherwise everything else works too.
Who do you ship my muse with? (x)


Well— first I’m going to be rly trashy and just say— yeah ok I’m starting to ship it, thx.

As for specifically with the royalty!au (even tho p much elsewhere)— basically just— hella power couple ruling over a lot of stuff through their own means separately and together.

                  ‘— surely, I hope you were attempting to humor your people
                    as opposed to truly mocking them and creating an image of
                    arrogance out of yourself. Is it a pastime of yours to try and
                    have them rebel against your rule— or are you simply foolish?

                  The situation was particularly… absurd. Not once had the male
                    ever seen a ruler upon the throne do nothing more than take
                    the time out of their day to invite those subjugated to them into
                    their domain, to either ridicule them or punish them for behavior
                    taken over the course of a month, or even take them away for
                    reasons none would wish to think. At least, such was the rumor
                    that went about; Haschwalth was entirely unable to either confirm
                    nor deny it, for he had not once seen her display her power over
                    those beneath her, and hadn’t the interest to do so up until that day.

                  All that he needed know was that she had power to begin with, and
                    held the interest of gaining more. To him, the 'Queen' was nothing more
                    than a means of returning a much greater power into position, and such
                    would require time as well as someone with such a great lust for control
                    of the areas around her. He had come to her for that very reason, and
                    just somehow, a collaboration was struck between them.

                       She wished to be the greatest ruler ever known.
                                 He wished to revive a God that would shadow her.

                  ‘— it should be of common understanding that you would be unable
                    to earn what you desire if they have your head on a pike — perhaps
                    right next to your sister’s, were that secret to be told. Is that your goal?

ekragei: with allllllll the quincies. :0
Who do you ship my muse with? (x)

mandy pls—

Can’t really say which Quincy I agree with and disagree with. Again— his views and ways of seeing the other Sternritter is a heavy factor, as well as in general character. Waaaaay too many factors to consider.

Anonymous: ships & reasons are: as nodt x j.h. because they share a common dedication; uryuu x j.h. as some sort of power struggle thing; bambietta x j.h. releasing the frustrations/beast ship; unohana x j.h. same reason as bambi; sui feng x j.h. for same mentality/views on law and order and dedication
Who do you ship my muse with? (x)


Oooooh man— I can’t really say I ship many of these?

Like— I see the dynamic and reasoning stated about him and Nödt, but there’s more so that Haschwalth doesn’t.. really see them as anything more than means to wage war, honestly? It’s something I’ve been thinking on back since November when Haschwalth first executed Cang and BG9, and then again when he snapped against Uryuu in January about how they’re there to die for Yhwach— and I just can’t really see him holding much of a regard for the other Quincy unless one is established. Beyond that, I don’t really see Nödt as a shipping character.

Uryuu/Haschwalth— there’s… not really much of a power struggle that I see? Uryuu has minimal power in the Wandenreich given the placement as successor is a false one, and was nothing more than a ruse for the Sternritter — while Haschwalth already has his place as Grandmaster and emperor on occasion.

Haschwalth/Bambietta— I caaaaan see some reasoning for it, and could sorta go for it if given the circumstance, but not under the idea that it’s a ‘releasing frustration’ and ‘beasts’ ship. Not really the way he acts, y’know?

As for him and Unohana or Sui-Feng— I just can’t ship him at all with a Shinigami. Too much established hatred as well as the whole war thing going on for him to even consider coming close to or feeling for a Shinigami like that.

They were really interesting ideas, though! Thank you for sending them. ; 0 ;

Who do you ship my muse with?


nine caps of viserys targaryen per episode

1x01: winter is coming


i don’t think he’s ever stood so close to me.

the thought echoes softly in the power’s mind as gloved hands grasp the hem of her skirt, one boot resting behind its mate as candyfloss crown lowers in a curtsy.
  it warms her heart, in truth— that he would come to her rather than summon her.


   ” grandmaster… is there anything you require from me? “

                  While it was indeed a rarity for him to approach one of his fellow
                    Sternritter as opposed to officially summoning them through the
                    means of his own servants, the difference was hardly considered
                    by the male. As long as the meeting was conducted and information
                    was either gained or relayed, Haschwalth saw no problems in how
                    the situation was approached and done.

                  Standing before the Designation ‘P’, the curtsy she gave was dismissed
                    with a nod of his head, before he began to speak, no time wasted in
                    immediately presenting the reason as to why he had come to talk.

                  ‘— McAllon. There are details related to the upcoming battle that
                    must be discussed, specifically the role that you and the four
                    others will play. I assume you are familiar with the names listed
                    in the daten, about the special war potentials. Is that correct?

roundhaus: raises a stereotypical hypnotist pocketwatch. dangles it in front of you. "grandmaster did noooot see that. he is feeling very sleeeeepy."

                  Pointless actions.

                  Such actions were entirely of disinterest, and his gaze would
                    shift almost immediately from the pocket watch, wherever it
                    be she found it from, to her own in which eye contact would
                    be established. From that look alone, it should have been apparent
                    to the Designation ‘P’ as to how he was the slightest bit disapproving
                    of what she was doing — yet otherwise, careless.

                  ‘— are you perhaps finished, McAllon?

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